Finding the Links that Can Save Lives

By October 17, 2017Blog

While reviewing some industry related headlines the other day, I came across this – “Eli Lilly and Co said its recently approved breast cancer drug failed to meet a late-stage trial’s main goal of improving overall survival in patients with non-small cell lung cancer.” The lung cancer market is the largest oncology market in the US. This deadly disease impacts hundreds of thousands of Americans and many more around the world. Obviously, a phase 3 failure has profound impacts on the developer and patients. After investing hundreds of millions if not a couple billion dollars in development, the developer is facing lost jobs, negative impacts to the stock price, and a PR black eye. But more importantly, patients lose another potential life-saving option. BullFrog AI uses a proprietary machine learning platform to identify which patients will benefit from a given therapy. Clinical trial data is just that DATA – it has the power to inform and BullFrog AI has the power to harness that information to make a difference.

Hey Eli Lilly, let us help you help others!!!

About the Author

Vin Singh is the founder and CEO of BullFrog AI, an investor backed artificial intelligence company determined to be an enabler for the biopharmaceutical industry. Their mission is to find the link between therapies and patients and improve lives. Using a proprietary platform, BullFrog aims to predict which patients will benefit from drugs under development.