BullFrog AI LogoBullFrog AI IP is focused on uncovering novel insights for late-stage drug candidates in the pipelines of the leading biopharmaceutical companies of the world. Of particular interest are drug candidates in Phase 3 clinical trials. Our bfLEAPTM platform analyzes such clinical trial data sets to predict which patients will respond to a particular therapy in development, thereby improving inclusion/exclusion criteria and ensuring primary study outcomes are achieved.

bfLEAPTM can identify relationships and correlations from complex data structures to:

  • Discover novel drug targets
  • Find niche patient populations where a drug candidate is likely to be more effective
  • Identify combinations of drugs likely to provide synergistic effects

We use data security protocols designed for highly classified and top-level security clearance programs.

Our Process:

  • Establish a partnership on select late-stage drug candidates
  • Meet to understand your clinical development program objectives
  • Gain clarity on our bfLEAPTM data requirements to facilitate rapid intake into our technology platform
  • Transfer data to our AI team and run bfLEAPTM analyses on your datasets
  • Present you with our novel findings
  • Use newly gained insights to advance the late-stage clinical development program