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Artificial Intelligence platform is making a difference in patient lives.

Washington, DC – BullFrog AI, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of its company with the goal to become a key enabler for the biopharma industry. It aims to accomplish this by leveraging a proprietary AI/data mining platform to harness valuable clinical data to solve challenges with patient targeting in clinical development.

The platform is based on a graph analytics tool designed to discover patterns and relationships in large scale and complex data sets. The technology has been in development for seven years at The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory and has proven to be incredibly robust, scalable, and precise.

Bullfrog AI will now begin supporting biopharmaceutical companies around the world.

“One of the biggest challenges in the biopharma world, is the high failure rate for clinical trials,” says Bullfrog AI Founder and CEO Vin Singh. “BullFrog AI wants to change that equation and is funding further development of the platform with a research team we hope can do just that.”

“Harnessing clinical data will ultimately have a big impact on the lives of patients waiting for the development of important therapies,” he adds.

Mr. Singh is a dynamic visionary and experienced professional executive from the life sciences industry. He has extensive start-up experience, having founded and built companies in the life sciences, consumer healthcare, biotechnology, medical device, and pharmacy industries.

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