BullFrog AI Signs Memorandum of Understanding with KBP Biosciences

By August 7, 2019Press Releases

BullFrog AI Innovative Artificial Intelligence Technology to Help Expand KBP’s Diverse Product Pipeline


BullFrog AI specializes in helping pharmaceutical companies predict which patients will respond to therapies in development has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with KBP Biosciences Inc.

BullFrog AI will utilize its proprietary artificial intelligence platform to analyze large multi-factorial clinical data sets from patients as part of KBP’s drug expansion program. BullFrog AI’s proven analytics engine, bfLEAP™, will help KBP investigators predict which patients respond best to which medications, effectively eliminating the problem of trial and error. The bfLEAP™ analytics engine is uniquely suited to solving this type of problem. The platform is purpose-built for analyzing extremely large and complex data sets, something that is a known limitation for other analytical platforms. The key to its success is the artificial intelligence which requires no domain expertise. Instead, it uses unsupervised machine learning coupled with the world’s largest collection of analytical models, all operating in parallel. “We are very excited to work with KBP on their development programs geared toward meeting unmet medical needs,” said Vin Singh, Founder and CEO Bullfrog AI.

BullFrog AI employs data handling procedures consistent with those used for sensitive government information. By implementing the proper analytics, phase III drugs will be more likely to get approved, saving companies large sums of money and possibly lowering the costs of therapies.

KBP Biosciences is actively seeking to identify additional promising therapeutic opportunities and build out its product portfolio. The MOU envisions the two organizations collaborating in utilizing KBP’s proprietary R&D platform aimed at discovery and development of global first-in-class compounds and BullFrog AI’s proprietary bfLEAP™ artificial intelligence technology, which is based on a graph analytics platform developed at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. “The mission of KBP Biosciences is to identify and develop new medicines for global unmet medical needs. This collaborative arrangement sets the stage for KBP Biosciences to work with BullFrog AI and Johns Hopkins University to enable us to potentially develop valuable and needed therapies faster and more efficiently,” said Zhenhua Huang, Chairman of KBP Biosciences.

About BullFrog AI 
BullFrog AI Inc. is an innovator in artificial intelligence. Its proprietary bfLEAPTM analytics engine is the only tool of its kind, designed to analyze massive, complex, multi-factorial clinical data sets. BullFrog AI’s technology is poised to revolutionize drug development, enabling researchers and clinicians to match therapies to patients, streamlining clinical trials, reducing development costs and accelerating R&D cycle time to drug approval and commercial launch. BullFrog AI has an exceptional team of life science industry leaders, AI technologists, scientists, physicians and advisors, all determined to make BullFrog AI become the undisputed leader in precision medicine.

About KBP Biosciences 
KBP Biosciences Co., Ltd. is a clinical stage biotechnology company dedicated to research, development, and commercialization of innovative medicines for the global market. Headquartered in Princeton, NJ, KBP Biosciences has a China affiliate focusing on Discovery and CMC, while KBP Biosciences USA, is responsible for global clinical development and registration. The Company principally devotes its resources to three therapeutic areas including; cardiorenal disease, antibiotics and respiratory disease. The management team has decades of combined experience in drug development and registration and works with a world-class scientific advisory board to advance new therapies for significant unmet medical needs.

KBP Biosciences has developed a deep pipeline focused on meeting unmet medical needs globally. The Company’s three clinical stage compounds are being developed under US FDA INDs and its lead program, KBP-5074, is a non-steroidal MRA discovered and developed by KBP. KBP Biosciences is currently conducting a global Phase 2b clinical trial for KBP-5074 for uncontrolled hypertension in moderate and severe Chronic Kidney Disease patients. Previously, the Company completed two Phase 1/2a studies which have elucidated the pharmacokinetic (PK) profile of KBP-5074 in healthy volunteers and in patients with mild to moderate, severe Chronic Kidney Disease and dialysis patients. KBP has also built a proprietary R&D platform aimed at discovery and development of global first-in-class compounds. The platform consists of a compound library which is the basis of new compound discovery, a bacterium library aimed at multi-drug resistant bacteria, and an in vivo pharmacology platform for screening and testing new compounds. KBP Biosciences is actively seeking to identify additional promising therapeutic opportunities and build out its product portfolio.