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Data is generated at an exceptionally high rate during each stage of therapeutics development. However, without the right analytics tools, companies and innovation organizations cannot utilize it for patient benefit. With BullFrog AI, you can unlock the value of your data with meaningful, actionable insights. 
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Studies continue to show how BullFrog AI can ingest less data, while providing more break-through therapies. Thereby, saving even more time and money.
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What can BullFrog and our partners achieve together?
  • Discovery toward pre-clinical studies
  • Early R&D toward first in-human clinical trials
  • Later R&D toward pivotal / late-stage clinical trials
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Our bfLEAP ™ AI/Unsupervised machine-learning platform identifies relationships and correlations from complex data structures to:

  • Discover novel drug targets

  • Find niche patient populations where a drug candidate is likely to be more effective

  • Identify combinations of drugs likely to provide synergistic effects


As many new medicines are developed for patients, many are still left undiscovered. The bfLEAP™ platform offers the potential to discover new mechanisms within the clinical data set, that would benefit subgroups of patients. By revitalizing these existing medicine, more therapies become available to help more patients live a better life.


For drug candidates in clinical trials, our bfLEAP™ platform analyzes such clinical trial data sets to predict which patients will respond to a particular therapy in development, thereby tailoring inclusion/exclusion criteria and enhancing primary study outcome success.

We take data security very seriously.
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